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Enjoy the Balinese ceremonies.

The people, the surroundings and the ceremonies are the culture carriers of Bali. (the ceremonies are unprecedented and carry the cultural life in Bali). There are many types of ceremonies that are very interesting. Especially for those who would like to see the cultural side of Bali up close.

Ceremonies come in many variants, from birth to death the Balinese celebrates life. We will be happy to make you the ceremonies., such as a birth ceremony or a three month ceremony. The temple ceremonies are of an unprecedented color splendor. The sacrifices we bring to our gods in the form of stacked fruit adorned and in baskets of coconut leaves you will find only in Bali.



Handy Tip: Ask us where a ceremony is held. We will be delighted to bring you there.

Let me be your guide!

Ask me anything and I´ll show you Bali around